Help and Tutorials

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Game Objective

The game objective of Beat Ball 2 is to use the paddle (controlled by moving the mouse) and keep the ball(s) from falling past the bottom of the screen. Bounce the balls upwards to destroy the blocks and progress through the levels. You will advance to the next level once all blocks that can be destroyed have been removed.


Blocks will vary in shape and material – some will be more difficult to destroy while some blocks will be impossible to get rid of. Your score will increase as you remove blocks.


Creatures (geometric shapes) may wander around some of the levels. When balls hit these creatures they will behave in different ways, for example they may copy or destroy your balls – release dangerous bombs or affect the path of balls.


Pickups (falling boxes) will provide you with functions that affect paddles, balls and game play. Be aware that some modifications are not beneficial and may turn out to be of disadvantage.
2 x Level Points Extra Life Mortar Quad Ball Speed Up Balls
3 x Level Points Grow Pad Multi Ball Restart Level Split Balls
4 x Level Points Guns Multi Split Ball Safety Beam Split Pad
Bonus Points Magma Ball Normal Pad Shrink Pad Sticky Pad
Dead Line Mayhem Ball Pad Print Skip Level Triple Ball
Deduct Points Mirror Movement Pad Trail Slow Down Balls    


The paddle is moved left to right by moving the mouse sideways.

When picking up the dropping boxes some events will be triggered instantly while others are interactive.

Interactive modifiers will be stored and shown in the top right hand corner, however, only two modifiers may be stored at any given time. Toggle between the modifiers with the right mouse button, activate and use them with the left mouse button.

If both storage slots for pickups are occupied you need to toggle and activate them to free up slots in order to collect new pickups.