For internet highscores to work you must download and install Beat Ball 2 version 1.2.1, released 29 Feb 2012.

The sequel to Beat Ball has been released by popular demand! This greatly improved game has tons of features such as: Up to 4 players, virtually unlimited support for customizable "Level Sets" and "Media Packs" greatly varying gameplay and look of Beat Ball 2, Utilizes 3D-graphics cards but with the traditional 2D-look to allow animation and transparency effects, Comes with complete Level Editor and Media Pack creator, Monthly and All-Time Global Internet High Scores and much much more!

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  • Comes with 108 original levels
  • LevelSet Editor and MediaPack Editor
  • Internet Global Highscores for All-Time and Monthly top scores
  • Play up to 4 players
  • Moving, falling and animated block features
  • Creatures affecting gameplay in different ways
  • Plenty of PickUps for modifications
  • High quality graphics and sound
  • Super high quality music (New in version 1.2.0)
  • Supports very high screen resolutions
  • Downloadable LevelSets
  • Utilizes 3D Graphics card for transparency and other effects
  • Listen to any mp3 or ogg songs and .m3u playlists during gameplay
  • Replacable VoicePacks for alternative announcement voices
  • Save game and resume game functionality
  • 3 different levels of difficulty
  • Small download, only 25 MB

Minimum Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 9X/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
  • DirectX 7 or Higher
  • 3D Graphics Card (64MB Memory or more recommended)


Beat Ball 2 is Shareware - you can download and play Beat Ball 2 totally free for up to 30 days with certain feature restrictions.

Register Beat Ball 2 for only $10 and enjoy extended gameplay with ability to play levels that you create and levels that you can download from this website. Registered can also submit their Beat Ball 2 highscores from the game to the Internet Global Highscores section for Monthly and All-Time Top High Scores!

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